The Clean Fifteen

June 30, 2015 - by purehealth1 - in Announcements, Blog, Featured, LIfestyle

You may have read my earlier post about the “Dirty Dozen” foods with the highest pesticide amounts that you should always purchase organic to eliminated approximately 80% of your pesticide intake.  The “Clean Fifteen” are the foods with the lowest pesticide amounts that are pretty safe to eat conventionally grown. Avocado – The thick skin

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8 Habits That Make You Age Faster

June 19, 2015 - by purehealth1 - in Announcements, Blog, Featured, In The news, LIfestyle

1)      Smoking Smoking cigarettes actually activates enzymes that break down the elasticity of your skin, increasing wrinkles and sagging skin. 2)      Crash Dieting Extreme dietary changes can actual cause you to gain more weight over time.  Huge cuts in caloric intake actually slows down your metabolism, which means when you return to your regular eating

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The Dirty Dozen

June 12, 2015 - by purehealth1 - in Blog, Featured, LIfestyle

Organic food benefits not only consumers, but producers and the environment.  Organic farmers are not exposed to the chemical pesticides and fertilizers that conventional farmers use, which in turn reduces chemical run-off into the soil and surrounding water.  This keeps the environment healthier and ensures that the soil will continue to produce excellent crops for

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Eat Your Stress Away

May 20, 2015 - by purehealth1 - in Blog, Featured

We don’t always make the best food decisions when we are stressed out, typically turning to the traditional comfort foods and junk.  However, if you make the right food choices while stressed out, you can actually help manage some of the symptoms of stress, including high blood pressure and muscle tension, in a natural way.

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7 Surprising Risk Factors for Arthritis

February 14, 2015 - by purehealth1 - in Blog, Uncategorized

The biggest predictors of osteoarthritis are family history and biomechanical issues, including the way you sit, stand, and move throughout the day.  Most people know about these risk factors, but there are several other things that can increase your risk of developing a variety of arthritis types.  How many of them have you heard about?

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Why Medicine Won’t Cure Your Back Pain

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According to the American Chiropractic Association, at least 31 million Americans experience back pain at any given time.  Back pain is the second leading cause of visits to the doctor (behind upper respiratory infections) and costs Americans at least 50 billion dollars a year in medical costs.  If you visit a typical medical doctor for

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My patient asked me for a “Lube Job”

August 06, 2014 - by purehealth1 - in Blog

I was talking with a patient the other day and after our routine check-in, I asked if she had any new concerns she would like to be addressed on this visit. Her response took me by surprise… “Well, nothing you can help with. I feel like the Tin Man without The oil can. My knees

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Welcome Dave!!

July 30, 2014 - by purehealth1 - in Blog

Pure Health would like to welcome Physician Assistant David Sutton to our team.  David is passionate about providing high quality patient encounters as well as solutions from a natural first perspective.  David is highly trained and well versed in multiple health care disciplines.  David’s training in orthopedics and pain managements as well as his diverse

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