13 Ways to Burn a Few Extra Calories

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1)      Become a fidgeter – Walk around when you talk on the phone, tap your feet at your desk, or bob your head to some music while you work.

2)      Cut down on the nuts – While heart healthy, nuts are also packed with calories, so overdoing it won’t help.  Just one small handful of oil-roasted nuts has about 175 calories, but we tend to eat more than the recommended one ounce.

3)      Don’t eat in front of the television – A study showed that people who ate while watching tv consumed an average of 288 more calories than those that ate at a table.

4)      Be careful with what you put on your salad – While it might make the greens taste better, loading your salad with cheese, caramelized nuts, bacon, and creamy dressing isn’t going to help the calorie load.  Stick to the flavorful veggies and lighter dressings, or just use some simple oil and vinegar.

5)      Use a smaller plate – Switching from a 12 inch dinner plate to a 10 inch dinner plate can trick you to eat 20-25% less than your would with the larger plate, as we tend to load up whatever size is available.

6)      Stop eating out of the container – Eating straight out of the box or bag makes it difficult to stick to a single serving.  Counting or weighing out a serving will keep you from overeating.

7)      Have smaller dinner parties – One study showed that eating with more than 7 people can make you eat up to 96% more food than you would in a smaller group.

8)      Don’t clean your plate – While you may have been scolded as a child for not eating all of your food, it’s okay to stop eating when you feel full.  You can always save whatever is left on the plate and eat it for lunch tomorrow.

9)      Mini versions of dessert – Opt for the mini desserts on a restaurant menu or bake smaller cookies than normal.  You can have your cake and cut your calories too.

10)  Don’t get stuck in the healthy food trap – People tend to justify dessert, unhealthy sides, and higher calorie drinks when they choose a healthier entree.

11)  Get your beauty sleep – Research shows that people who sleep only 5 ½ hours a night are more likely to eat more throughout the day.

12)  Smuggle your own popcorn into the theater – A large popcorn from the movie theater averages around 1,000 calories.  Sneaking in your own popcorn from home can save you 75% of the calorie load.

13)  Know your serving sizes – Restaurants have a tendency to serve far more than one serving size.  Try to limit yourself to approximately one serving size for the higher-calorie foods like pasta.


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