Big News!

Dear Valued Patient,

Our patients are very important to us, which is why we wanted you to be the first to know that after 13 years of serving our community’s health care needs as Olson Chiropractic, we are thrilled to announce that we are beginning a new chapter.

This new chapter has been in development over the last year and will continue to be formed in the weeks and months to come. These changes will enhance our organization, structure and facility to expand our services, therapies, and techniques to increase our ability to serve your health care concerns.

We will undergo a change in our name to Pure Health to better reflect our goal of helping you achieve pure health. The company has not been sold, we are not losing any of our current team, nor have we merged with any other health care facility. Rather, we are making these changes so that we can better service you.

In fact, along with our new name, you can expect some other exciting changes. The biggest change is that we will become an integrated facility offering Chiropractic and Medical services. Our focus will continue to stress a natural approach to health.

What this means for you:

  1. New therapies and treatment options that can only be offered in an integrated setting.
  2. Care coordinated by both a medical team and chiropractic team working together to maximize outcomes and insurance coverage.
  3. An expansion of our current facility which will enhance our ability to deliver physical rehabilitative exercise training and new techniques as well as to maximize the services
    you have come to trust with Olson Chiropractic.

Some things will not change, however.

We still have a strong sense of commitment to provide you and your family the same high quality of chiropractic care you have come to expect from Olson Chiropractic. However, now you’ll benefit even more from our new integrated approach to health care that other clinics are not able to provide.

Our commitment to our local community will continue to be a priority at Pure Health, so expect to see us embedded in our community events.

Thank you for choosing us for your health needs, and we look forward to elevating you and your family to a state of “Pure Health” for many years to come.


The Staff of Pure Health powered by Olson Chiropractic

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