13 Ways to Burn a Few Extra Calories

July 13, 2015 - by purehealth1 - in Blog, Community Event

1)      Become a fidgeter – Walk around when you talk on the phone, tap your feet at your desk, or bob your head to some music while you work. 2)      Cut down on the nuts – While heart healthy, nuts are also packed with calories, so overdoing it won’t help.  Just one small handful of

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Hunger Drive

July 17, 2013 - by purehealth1 - in Community Event, Featured

Health for Hunger Drive Here at Pure Health, we are launching the Health for Hunger Drive which will raise money to be donated directly to the Aurora Area Interfaith Food Pantry! This program coincides with our new services and remodeled facility in which Pure Health is now an integrated clinic offering the best in medical

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