Aurora massage therapy and chiropractic

For those who enjoy a relaxing massage, a visit with one of our licensed massage therapists is the perfect remedy.  Our doctors frequently prescribe manual therapy as part of a treatment plan to help with painful, tight muscles.  The therapy helps relax muscles and get rid of those “knots”, which is complimentary to the corrective care that is provided in our office.


Wellness Massage Membership

Many people think of massages as a luxury, a special treat reserved for an anniversary or a birthday.  In fact, your health could actually benefit from improvement with receiving a regular massage. Don’t assume that you can’t afford to get a monthly massage. Our Wellness Massage Membership is very affordable and flexible. For only $45 per calendar month you can get a 25-minute massage or upgrade to 55-minutes massage for an additional $30. You can prepay for an entire year or set up a monthly payment plan. You can also purchase an additional massage at the same discounted price if you need an extra boost during the month. If you are unable to use your massage for any reason, you can accumulate up to a maximum of 12, so they don’t go to waste.


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