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November 5, 2013



(Aurora, IL) Pure Health Physical Medicine, formerly Olson Chiropractic, has a new medical director Dr. Volkan

Sumer which has leveraged their ability to offer new medical services.


Dr. Kenneth Olson, CEO, describes the changes this way: “We needed to expand our services to help our

patients by giving them more choices for pain management. This new flexibility and transition to an integrated

practice, we can now offer patients treatment options that integrate traditional chiropractic care with medical

care and the treatment is overseen by providers from both fields. We’re really excited about all the changes

going on and this progress to benefit people of our local community.”

Dr. Volkan Sumer is a graduate of Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine. He chose to become a doctor

of Osteopathic Medicine (D.O.) rather than an M.D. because osteopathy offers a more holistic approach to

medicine. By combining traditional treatments with spinal manipulations, Pure Health can now treat the entire

person and the source of the condition, not just the uncomfortable symptoms. “It is the best of both worlds,”

states Dr. Olson.


About Pure Health:

Pure Health is an integrated physical medicine office that specializes in the treatment and relief of Acute and Chronic Pain. Pure Health

offer providers who combine the best in Physical Therapy, Chiropractic, Massage Therapy and Medical Pain Relief to help their patients

get the best quality of pain relief possible today.


Each new patient to Pure Health meets one-on-one with each of their healthcare providers for a consultation and thorough evaluation

of their injuries or symptoms. They will recommend any additional diagnostic tests, such as radiographs or nerve conduction studies.

After the evaluation and testing is finished, their staff will meet with you to review your diagnostic and examination finds and the doctors

recommended treatment plan.


Pure Health: Medical and Chiropractic – More Options. One Goal. Elevating You!

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